Pokemon League Play (Milton Keynes)

26th June 2024, 6:30 pm - 9 pm
Entry Fee £6.00

Event Details

Wednesdays from 6.30pm is LEAGUE NIGHT here at Wargames Workshop!!

Players will be added into our ‘magic’ software, this will pair you up against other players so that you can battle it out to see who can come out on top! This is done over 3 rounds, lasting 30mins each. Prizes are on offer for each round win that a player gets.

Suitable for ages 11+  

£5 entry per person (And remember a pokemon booster pack is on offer per round that you win!)


You will need to bring a deck with you and this deck must “standard legal”.

Check out this handy guide to building a Pokemon TCG deck: Here

For more details on what a ‘Standard’ deck is Check out the Pokemon Website: Here


Players that have already payed into the Club Session before hand that would like to play, but claimed a booster already for entry, will be subject to a £4 levy to cover their part of the prize pool, allowing them to play and win packs.