D&D Murder Mystery Campaign Session 1 (Milton Keynes)

17th February 2024, 11 am - 4 pm
Entry Fee £15.00

Event Details

Dungeons and Dragons: Murder Mystery Adventure Campaign

Fully Decked out with Scenery, character miniatures to borrow and a very experienced, dynamic Dungeon Master, this is a fully immersive ongoing D&D campaign in an un-disclosed setting with the usual dungeon crawl replaced with a  Murder Mystery Twist!

All you’ll need is a Level one character ready with a bit of a backstory and the rest can be sorted in your first session… This is a campaign so will be ongoing as the story runs over multiple sessions. We will also be breaking it down into modules so you won’t need to commit for much longer than a month or two at a time and you’ll be able to jump back in if there are any breaks. Supported by a fully updated adventure journal they’ll be things to immerse yourself in between sessions too!

This is a D&D campaign so players will need a lvl 1 character ready to go and will need to commit to two sessions per month per module (£15 per session so £30 per month). Modules should last for 4 sessions depending on the group progress. 

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