Conquest at Milton Keynes – 1500pt (Milton Keynes)

16th June 2024, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Entry Fee £6.00

Event Details

Come along down to Milton Keynes, brave the roundabouts and be ready to roll some dice. We are hosting a three round, 1500pt Last Argument of Kings event. This will be a casual event, without any painting requirements – just a good excuse to play some games!
Tickets are £15 per person to cover the space hire and prize fund.
Also, the store has a bar, in case that’s of any interest to people!
Planned start time is around 0930, but full timing TBC. Event pack will follow. Please message me directly if you’re interested in playing so I can get an idea of numbers

This event is not being run by the guys in the store but by the players. So for all the details please check out the link below:

Conquest Facebook Event