Star Wars Unlimited June League! (Milton Keynes)

26th June 2024, 7 pm - 10 pm
Entry Fee £5.00

Event Details

Star Wars Unlimited June League:

A 4 week long league running alongside our usual Star Wars Unlimited weekly play

Compete each week as usual – score pointstop 3 places will win prizes at the end of the league

£5 entry – paid on week one (5/6/24) this can be taken from your usual £7 entry in lieu of the entry booster and is paid just the once. 

All entry fees contribute solely to the prizing so prizes will be scaleable with the number of players joining.

Each week you’ll join us for the usual weekly Unlimited tournament of 3 rounds of Swiss paired competitive play. After each round you’ll accumulate points based on how well you’ve done that round (3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss).

on the 4th week all the scores will be totalled and the top players for the month will win some awesome prizes!! – Think Playmats, premium deck boxes and sleeves and you’ll be on the right track with the prizes themselves.


*There is no requirement to join the league to play in the weekly star was unlimited events. This is running to support weekly play, it is not replacing it. Therefore you may join the weekly tournament but you’ll be ineligible for prizing.*