Star Wars Destiney Prime Championship (Milton Keynes)

26th January 2020, 9 am - 8 pm
Entry Fee £15.00

Event Details

Price: £15 a ticket

Doors open 9am.

Registration opens 9.30am

Round 1 starts at 10am sharp. Number of rounds dependent on turnout.

Rounds will be best of one with a top cut.

Prize support:

Top 64 – Full art Rey and Kylo Ren cards.

Top 32 – Full art Temporary Truce

Top 16 – 1 set of plastic Rey and Kylo Ren cards
– 1 copy of full art Force Connection and Untamed Power

Top 8 – Rey and Kylo Ren playmat

Top 4 – Kylo Ren helmet acrylic shield tokens

Champion – Champion playmat with Rey and Kylo and and invite to SWD Worlds.

Standard tournament rules in place, decklists required. Please be aware of all updated rules, holocrons, restricted list and erratas.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.